Philippine Airlines 78th Anniversary Sale!

Fly for as low as ₱ 78 on Domestic flights and USD 78 for International Flights!



Selling Period: March 1 to 10, 2019
Travel Period: March 16 to December 31, 2019


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Philippine Airlines 78th Anniversary Sale!
Philippine Airlines 78th Anniversary Sale!
Philippine Airlines 78th Anniversary Sale!
Philippine Airlines 78th Anniversary Sale!
Philippine Airlines 78th Anniversary Sale!
Philippine Airlines 78th Anniversary Sale!
Philippine Airlines 78th Anniversary Sale!


*Available on specific domestic flights:

Manila to Puerto Princesa or v.v. – PR/2P 2787/2782/1197/1198


Manila to Dumaguete or v.v. – PR2541/2542

Manila to Tacloban or v.v. – PR2987/2988

Manila to Zamboanga or v.v – PR/2P 2993/2998

Manila to Bacolod or v.v. – PR2129/PR2130, PR2137/PR2138

Manila to Cebu or v.v – PR1841/1842/1871/1872/2867/2868/1835/1867/2841/2869/2871/2836/1868/2842/2856/2872/2865/2866

Manila to Iloilo or v.v. – PR2147/PR2148/2139/2140

Manila to Cagayan de Oro or v.v. – PR2529/PR2530

“Manila to Davao or v.v. – PR1809/1810/2809/2810/1819/2819/1823/2825/1825/2824/1824/2823/


Clark to Davao or v.v – PR/2P 2839/2840

Clark to Cebu or v.v. – PR2834/836

**Available on specific international flights:

Manila to Hongkong – PR318/312/310/PR307/311/301

Manila to Taipei – PR894/891

Manila to Kuala Lumpur – PR529/530

Manila to Singapore- PR509/508

Manila to Bangkok – PR732/733/740/741

Manila to Ho Chi Minh – PR597/598 on Wed

Manila to Jakarta -PR535/536

Manila to Beijing – PR360/361

Manila to Melbourne-PR207/208

Manila to Tokyo (HANEDA) – PR424/423

Manila to Tokyo (NARITA)-PR432/431

Manila to Osaka -PR408/407

Manila to Phnom Penh – Travel period starts April 1, 2019

Manila to Hanoi – Travel period starts March 31, 2019

Manila to New Delhi – Travel starts April 16, 2019

***Available on specific day:

Manila to Guam- Valid on Tuesday and Thursday flights from ManilaFARE CONDITIONS FOR DOMESTIC FLIGHTS: 
Booking Period: March 1to10, 2019. Travel Period: March 16 to December 31, 2019. 2019 Blackout Dates Summary : OUTBOUND : Manila/Clark/Cebu/Davao/lloilo: Apr 18, May 9-11, Aug 8-10 , Aug 22-24. Oct 30-31, Dec 19-24, Dec 26-30 ; Manila HUB (except TAG/PPS/MPH)/Busuanga/Siargao and Clark-Caticlan (except flight specific fares): Apr 1-15/Apr 22-30/May 01- 31: Tagbilaran/Puerto Princesa/Caticlan : Apr 01- May 31; Davao: Aug 18-20 ; Kalibo: May 1-2 ; Tacloban: Jun 28- Jul 2: Puerto Princesa : Jun 23-25 ; Tagbilaran : Jul 21-23; General Santos: Sep 8-10 : Legazpi/Naga : Sep 8-10. Sep 15-17: Siargao: Oct 3-7; Bacolod: Oct 20-22. Oct 27-29 ; Camiguin: Oct 27-29. INBOUND: Manila/Clark/Cebu/Davao/lloilo :Apr 21-23. May 13-15, Aug 12-14, Aug 26-28. Nov 1-5 , Dec 26-30 : Manila HUB(except TAG/PPS/MPH)/Busuanga/Basco/Siargao and Caticlan-Clark(except flight specific fares) :Apr 01 – 16/Apr 21-30/May 01-31; Tagbilaran/Puerto Princesa/Caticlan :Apr 01- May 31; Davao:Aug 15-17 ; Kalibo:Apr 29-30 ; Tacloban: Jun 20-28; Puerto Princesa: Jun 20-22: Tagbilaran: Jul 18-20 ; General Santos: Sep 5-7; Legazpi/Naga: Sep 5-7, Sep 12-14; Siargao: Sep 25-30; Bacolod: Oct17-19. Oct 24-26; Camiguin: Oct 24-26. Seats are subject to availability . Fares quoted are exclusive of government taxes. fees, ticketing service charge and surcharges . Economy tickets are non-refundable. Premium Economy is refundable with a fee of PHP1,100 inclusive of 12% VAT and Business Class refundable for a fee of PHP1.200 inclusive of 12% VAT. Tickets are rebookable for a fee of PHP2.500 inclusive of 12% VAT for Economy. For Premium Economy 1st change is allowed without a fee, succeeding changes at a fee of php1100 inclusive of vat and Business class. 1st change allowed without a fee, succeeding change at PHP1.200 inclusive of 12% VAT. Collect applicable fare difference. Subject to no show Fee of PHP1,500 per sector inclusive of 12%VAT. For reissuance, ticket is considered No Show if not reissued at least 4 hours prior to flight departure or if passenger fails to check-in on time. For Refund, ticket is considered No show if reservation/booking is not cancelled 4 hrs prior to flight departure. Weekend surcharge of PHP100 for Fri/Sat departure from Cebu/Clark/Davao hub and PHP100 for Sun/Mon departure to Cebu/Clark/Davao hub. No child, senior citizen, PWD. student and military discount. Infant fare for infant without a seat under 2 years is 10% of adult fare. Early Show is not allowed for Economy. Mileage accrual – 10% for Economy . 100% for Premium Economy and 125% for Business Class. Baggage Allowance – Fare is inclusive of 7kg handcarried baggage a. Economy : No baggage b. Premium Economy : 25kgs c. Business Class: 30kgs. Other travel conditions apply. 

FARE CONDITIONS FOR INTERNATIONAL FLIGHTS: Booking Period: March 01to10, 2019. Travel Period: March 16 to December 31, 2019. Seats are subject to availability. Seasonality and blackout dates apply. Fares quoted are exclusive of government taxes, fees, ticketing service charge and surcharges . Taxes and charges are subject to change with or without prior notice by the authority. Minimum and Maximum stay are as follows: For Economy, ASEAN/HKG/MFM/TPE/CN/JPN/GUM/HAN/PNH – 2D/14D; GUM-2D/14 DAYS; US/CA /AKUAU/POM – 3D/1M ; DEULON-3D/3M ; ME-2D/2M; KR-30DAYS; Premium Economy: ASEAN/HKG/JPN-2D/1M;AKL/AU – 3D/1M ; US/CA/LON – 3D/3M: Economy Plus: KR- max stay 3M. For Business Class. GUM/ASEAN/HKG/MFM/TPE/CN/JPN/HAN/PNH- 3D/1M; AKL/AU/POM – 3D/2M; US/CA – 7D/3M: LON /DEL – 3D/3M; ME-2D/2M;KR – max stay 3M. No Show fee for US/CA/LON is USD125 and USD75 for all other sectors. Ticket is non-transferable . Ticket is non-refundable for Economy. Refund on Premium Economy: US/CA-USD250; LON/SIN-USD100; GUM-USDSOAll other sectors USD25; Refund on partially used tickets: US/CA LON-USD100 .All other sectors. USD75. For Business Class. refund for totally unused ticket is allowed subject to: USD250 for US/ CA ; LON-USD100 ;GUM-USDSO : all other sectors-USD100 . For partially used ticket on Business Class. non-refundable except Korea with a fee of USD100. Tickets are rebookable for a fee. For Economy: US/CA-USD300 :LON-USD250;AU/NZ/GUM-USD200;TW/CN/JP/PG/ME-USD150 :TH/SG/MY/HK/MFM/ID-USD125 ;VN/KH/DEL-USD100 ;USD50 for Korea; For Premium Economy first rebooking free, succeeding at a charge of US/CA/LON/GUM/AU/NZ/PG-USD100 :All other sectors EXCEPT JP AND KR- USD50; JP/KR Rebookable without a fee. For Business Class:Allowed with a fee of ME/JP/NZ-USD100/ KR: USD50 for the rest of the sectors. First rebooking free, succeeding at a charge of :US/CA/LON/GU/AU/PG -USD100 ; All other sectors USD50; All Sectors : Child fare is 75% of adult’s fare. Infant without seat is 10% of adult’s fare. Weekend surcharge on the outbound TH/FR/SA departures applies. Peak surcharge on Economy and Premium Economy for US/CA/GU applies. Mileage accrual is 10% on Economy, 100% for Premium Economy and 125% for Business Class. Fare is inclusive of 7kg hand carried baggage. Free baggage allowance will vary per route. Tickets issued online or outside of the Philippines does not include Philippine Travel Tax (PH tax). Philippine Travel Tax is applicable to Philippine passport holders. foreigners holding a Philippine resident visa. and foreign tourists or expatriates who have stayed in the Philippines for more than one year. Fare is refundable when application for visa is denied; subject to a fee. Passenger must show proof of application and denial at any PAL Ticket Office. Flight reservation must be cancelled upon passenger’s receipt of visa denial or 7 days prior to departure . whichever is earlier. For visa denial within 7 days prior to departure date, PAL will collect a No Show fee unless booking is cancelled 24 hours before departure date. Other travel conditions apply.

CAB Approval No.: 4551-12-11-s.2018

ASC Ref. Code: P067P022619P